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Match 1 -Wow, a bit of everything with a lot of one thing – big beautiful breasts! Kianna Dior and Ariella Ferrera are on the couch in their sexy lingerie when Ariella accuses Kianna of trying to steal her girlfriend, this soon gets out of hand and a fight rages to see who has the better breasts. The tops come off as a tight bear hug presses their large mammaries together, soon all the clothes are off as they tear into each other; they smash their bosoms into the glass door squishing the delicate flesh into bizarre forms, they rip,knead, and twist the mounds of soft flesh, in the door way they push and smash and my favorite; they throw each other in the hot tub. Wet and wild their large busts flop and swirl as they jostle for dominate position, to the backdrop of a beautiful L.A. valley we watch these wet beauties attack breast flesh. Still not satisfied they end up in the bedroom where they vie to make each other cum, best is when they use their super breasts to rub the crotch till ecstasy is achieved, each gets her foe to orgasm. But they still want destruction so they resort to smothering; with pillow, blanket and of corurse breasts the air is restricted. Yes, it’s a bit of everything with a lot of big beautiful breasts !!!!!!

Match 2Nikki Lee Young, what a wonderful wild woman – sometimes there is just no keeping her clothes on and when you have as beautiful a body as she has, well, it makes sense and it also makes for a lot of pleasure for the viewer. She is in the ring with another wild wonder: Karlie Mantana, these women are anxious to go at each other so it’s no wonder the clothes get ripped off. And once naked the holds get even more intense, that bow and arrow stretches their gorgeous limbs to the breaking point and an over the head shot of these two bodies when Karlie has Nikki’s head scissored between her legs is about as beautiful as you can find in wrestling, Nikki’s blond hair frames Karlie’s muscular thighs and rippled abbs. The blonde goes after Karlie’s beautiful butt as she claws and kneads it, then up to a tight bear hug where Nikki gains control, but the their wild sides really come out as they apply some devastating scissors around gut and head, their fabulous bodies writhe as they scream with both pain and delight, these two put on one hell of a show — naked, wild, wonderful, women – what could be better ?!?!?!

Match 3Randy Moore and Capri Cavanni happen to run into each other as they are leaving the DT offices. The ladies are dressed in full business attire and as they talk to one another they quickly realize that they are both heading to the same job interview. The discussion becomes negative and before you know it both girls are grappling on the mat. They pull, rip, and yank their clothes off until their perfectly sculpted bodies are completely nude. These amazing bodies are not to be missed so sit up and take note as these ladies interview for a place in your heart as favorite DT wrestler.


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