Match 1 – Tylene Buck has a ton of experience so why should she be afraid of this Ariel X girl, because X is one super strong ladie and the blonde knows it. X takes no time to prove it as she attacks the topless Tylene and puts her in a double arm choke that smashes the blonde’s big breasts together as her arms are stretched around her neck, then to the floor where her strong legs can can circle Tylene’s neck for a severe choke that allows Ariel to have free arms that flex to show off her muscular biceps. Next it’s over her head with the big blonde and she does it with ease – to add insult to this back breaker she does squats that not only show off the muscles in her legs but cause great pain to her victim. This is just the beginning of an onslaught of fabulous holds that are aimed at destroying this curvaceous blonde, my favorite, when she puts her arm through Tylene’s crotch then flexes in her ass crack. So many holds and lifts that are so impressive because Tylene is one big girl so when she’s thrown around with ease it really means something. Tylene is just as sexy losing as winning, hell maybe more and we all know how X loves to win and flex — now we know why Tylene was afraid !!!!!! 

Match 2 – They stand toe to toe, high heel to high heel and we have a girl that is almost as tall as Skylar Rene, it’s Summer Day and the big blonde is out to prove she’s just as tough, oh sure Skylar has lots of muscles but the blonde knows this is a catfight and feels she can take her in a wild pantyhose fight. In no time at all both ladies rip off their tops and are savagely attacking their foe’s natural breasts as their long sexy legs intertwine. They go from digging their nails into their soft breast flesh to sinking those red nails into their scalp as they rip at their long manes, back and forth heads roll as hair is pulled almost out. Those short skirts riding up their nylon clad asses are just the sexiest, neither one of these beauties will give in. Cat ball rolls are constant as these high heeled babes roll, then one gets behind and really clamps on those luscious tits. Summer proves how wild she can get but will that be enough for the strength of Skylar? Such pretty faces, yes, the big beautiful girls with the loooong legs make this one fabulous cat fight !!!!!! 

Match 3 – Victoria Marquez is one spicy Latina, but today she is taking on an equally fiery red heat, Melissa Jacobs. Victoria’s long blonde hair contrasts with her lime green bikini and golden skin. Melissa uses that beautiful hair to grab and take control of Victoria. She throws the tight-bodied Chicana to the mat, making the whole room shake. Victoria refuses to take this punishment lying down. Ms. Marquez puts a standing surfboard on her tattooed foe. The tops are lost soon after this and their perky bare breast are on full display for the rest of the match. Melissa’s bright red hair is so long that it almost covers up her perfect butt. Thankfully, Melissa likes to move her hair to the side so she can shake her ass for the camera. This gives Victoria enough time to recover and use Melissa long locks against her. Double Trouble is proud to present this enthralling catfight for your viewing pleasure. 


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