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Match 1 – Have you ever seen a girl stand on another girl’s crotch, making sure to put all of her weight on it? That’s what you’re in for in today’s match. Mutiny and Andrea Rosu are two voluptuous young fighters. They are wearing sexy lingerie and thigh high stockings. Off the bat, Mutiny and Andrea can’t stand each other. They are ripping each other’s tops off in no time. In nothing but their stockings and thongs they go at it. Mutiny school girl pins and crotch mauls Andrea. This serves to enrage Andrea. She exacts revenge by sitting Mutiny on the top rope so she has better access for a crotch attack. Andrea pulls her winded opponent down to let her fall belly up on the mat. Then Andrea bends over, grabs Mutiny’s thong and pick her up off the ground with it. Who will win, the olive skinned brunette or the ivory skinned red head?

Match 2 – Wild, wild, wild that is the only way to describe a catfight between Francesca Le and Stacy Burke, these two have been going at it for years and they seem to be getting wilder as time goes on. They both love catfighting and all it entails; hair pulling, breast banging, crotch mauling and of course tons of trash talking. Rip off those clothes girls, and they do starting with the tops, then skirts, bras and slowly they pull down the nylons – so much fun watching half their butts stick out and the other butt protrude from ripping a hole in the ass area – damn these girls go at it! We see all of Stacy’s pearly whites as she clamps down on Fran’s long nipple, the brunette screams in pain as she claws the blondes back, now it’s Frans turn to take a bit out of the blonde’s jutting breast, then simultaneously they clamp on as both screech in agony. Finally they rip off those pesky nylons so they can attack their now vulnerable crotches, spread those legs wide and go in for some clit bitting or get behind her with a choke and stroke. Some of the most amazing positions are created in their frenzy with of course some outstanding favorites like the sustained bear hug on their knees or their aggressive tribbing, then back to pussy biting and well I’m exhausted just watching these two because the only way to describe it is… WILD, WILD, WILD !!!!!!

Match 3 –  Wow, love these outfits Tylene Buck is decked out in a low cut super heroine top and bottom, boots with fishnet stocking and Odette in an all black body suit. What the hell is little Odette doing in the ring with the great Tylene Buck, the blonde scoffs sure this must be a mistake but when the petit one surprises her with a hard right cross all bets are off, and she doesn’t stop there she continues the barrage of blows knowing she doesn’t want the big blonde to come back on her. Not satisfied with just demolishing her foe Odette decides to humiliate her by taking off her super outfit, leaving her in only stockings and boots then knocking her down so her beautiful butt protrudes up exposing her crotch. Odette decides she likes this view and proceeds to put Tylene in all kinds of compromising positions the display her pussy, each more painful then the next. But finally Tylene gets a few blows in and is abel to strip the little one only to get cocky and allow Odette to come back, being naked seems to make the little O even more wild as she now cranks on hold after hold all meant to split the big blonde in half, especially that last one where she uses the ropes to help her divide Tylene and leave overly exposed to all !!!!!


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