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Match 1 – Erika Jordan and Christie Stevens are office workers with filthy mouths. Christie is a blonde bombshell and Erika is a sultry brunette. Both women came straight from the office and are still wearing their professional pencil skirts, blouses, panty hose, and high heels. They are sick of each other and can’t wait to rip one another’s clothes off. Not even one minute into the video and the women are pulling each other’s bras off. Erika and Christie twist and tear at one another’s tits until they are red and sore. They fall to the couch as they wrestle for dominant position. Constantly bumping and arching their backs to knock their opponent off, eventually the girls fall to the floor. They flip positions over and over again as their tight asses, curvy legs, stockings, and the floor carpeting all rub together. Big tits and long legs in panty hose are the stars of this match. You are going to love every minute of it.

Match 2 – Big beautiful butts on curvy beautiful women; Sinn Sage and Kymberly Jane have some bountiful booties and this fabulous butt match will show them off in their most buttiful way. Sinn is decked out is the skimpiest of short shorts and let me tell you her behind never looked better and Kym is going to show you as much as possible of this ass, she pulls those shorts up high in Sinn’s crack, then pulls them down half way, and with each pull she exposes more and in the most sensual way. In a tight bear hug she reaches around and exposes her crack as again she pulls down her shorts, then Sinn crawls away only to be stopped and have more ass abuse, and the best being when she strains to pull Sinn through the ropes by her shorts. Finally Sinn gets her turn and now Kym’s jeans are pulled down so Sinn can get at her string panties and pull them hard up into Kym’s crack, exposing both cheeks, and when she drops that bountiful butt on Kym’s face it’s a real smothering face sit. And of course the best is when they go butt to butt and bounce that ass flesh, bounce and slam making those booties shake and jiggle to our delight. Big beautiful butts on curvy beautiful women —— BUTTIFUL !!!!!!

Match 3 – Erika Jordan and Abigail Mac have gorgeous figures and each thinks she has the best body, so let the best body win. Dressed in mini sling bikini’s and cut off muscle shirts that allow their hard nipples to jut through. In the corner they smash those amazing bodies together and then Abby pours water over Erika and now we have the wet t-shirts we hopped for and oh do those breasts show through now. Next we get some great cat-balling as their bodies clamp together and roll, low angles show off their sexy legs and asses, then off come the tops and even more water is poured over both of them, dripping down their near naked bodies. Tight bear hugs as they pull hair, then down to the floor where their smashed bodies roll, almost like they have become one as each struggles to be on top. More water, they crawl like cats ready to pounce, on their knees for more bear hugging – then time to see who can stay on top and win the cat-balling contest as their wet bodies twist and turn with legs intertwined till one can no longer last – some victory rubs and that final kiss – we have a winner and it’s everyone who watches these beautiful bodies going body to body !!!!!


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