TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Liz Ashley and Alix Lynx are blonde beauties who can’t stop bickering with each other. They stand nose-to-nose, talking trash about who is going to win their “blonde panty hose cat fight.” Almost immediately both women begin to unbutton their blouses and remove their bras. In pencil skirts, panty hose, and high heels, Alix and Liz grab one another’s long golden locks and start yanking. Squeals and cries abound as the women jerk each other to the couch and then the carpet. Their breasts aren’t given a moment of respite. They are savaged by the sharp red fingernails of their attacker. By the end of the fight, Liz and Alix’s chest and nipples are pink and raw from the constant mauling. The hair pulling, panty hose rubbing, and breast fighting are on full display here. It isn’t that often that one gets to see two flawless blondes throw down as viciously as these two do. Make sure you don’t miss this doozy of a fight.

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Vanessa Veracruz strokes her long shapely legs as she sits on the couch admiring her championship belt saying how nobody can take her belt. On the other side of town Celeste Star is furious that another Latin beauty has her belt, no there can only be one Latin Champion and it’s the fiery Celeste, she talks her trash till Vanessa shows up and we know right away a fight is coming because these two are ready to scratch each others eyes out. The heels come off but Celeste’s nylons and Vanessa’s stockings stay on. A brutal battle ensues with savage kicks and slugs, Celeste takes control ripping off Van’s top and attacking her perfect nipples but Vanessa finally fights her way to the top and uses he supple butt cheeks to smother Celeste while she destroys her nylons then straddles her to deliver a resounding fist pounding. A back and forth battle with two wild latin beauties that are willing to give their all for that belt — wild and wonderful !!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Abigail Mac and Erika jordan – who is the sexiest? Wow what choice, they start out in sexy bikinis and strut their sexy bodies for the camera but soon they decide to make those amazing figures glisten with oil. Then they lock up and are soon on the ground cat balling, breast to breast legs intertwined they roll till one seems to take control. Then they decide to change to more skimpy sling bikinis and re oil their fleshy curves. They crawl like cats, their gorgeous shinny asses glisten, then they strike and with a mutual kneeling bear hug, they smash those amazing breasts till the oil squishes out from their sliding nipples. A few slaps in the face and our beauties are back on the mat for more cat balling till one finally gains the top and control, she rubs her crotch sexually into her foe as we watch her amazing ass do a dance, each cheek jumping and twitching with sexual delight. Super sexy bodies that know how to roll across a canvas – roll baby roll !!!!!!


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