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Match 1 – Terra Mizzu is outside calling Erika Jordan out for a hot catfight, Erika steps out but just before they start Erika say they need to take it inside because of the neighbors. Inside they immediately take off their tops and bras and grab handfuls of hair causing them to whirl around the room, Terra’s fleshy breasts bounce and sway till they fall on the couch, their sexy nylon clad legs intertwine as they go from hair to breasts, so tight they squeeze that supple chest flesh they don’t even notice when they fall to the floor for so much more. Those spiked heels make their curvy legs look so much longer as they cat ball across the room still pulling hair and gouging tits. We know how much Erika loves a good fight but this Terra is one wild woman, and how great her butt looks as her red skirt rides all the way up to her waist, yes they get that rough. Catfights, we just love them – breasts, hair and nylon clad legs – twisted and pulled in all directions and two gorgeous babes who love a good non stop Catfight — ENJOY !!!!!!

Match 2 – Alix Lynx knows she can destroy little Odette Delacroix in a multi fall timed match, both ladies start out topless and ready to do battle but the petit one surprises her with a bear hug then throws the blonde to the floor and bends her arms as she jams Alix’s beautiful tits into the mat eventually causing her to submit, how humiliating so fast she gets put down and has to mark the first fall down – that’s right, she has to crawl over to a board and put a mark down for her foe. Well this won’t happen again, Alix charges to destroy Odette in the next fall only to be met with a foot to the gut, down she goes and Odette instantly bends her legs back till the pain is too match and again she submits, time for another slow humiliating trip to the board, that sexy thin figure slowly crawls. Wow, who knew Odette could not only be so tough but so damn mean, yes she truly enjoys woman-handling the bigger blonde and she really enjoys humiliating her, which she does over and over getting worse as she goes. Lots of degrading submissions by the petit one over the sleek but bigger blonde — poor Alix, can the crawling ever stop?!?!?!?

Match 3 –  Oh my, this one is so bad, yes Christina Carter is so bad! She has found out that Celeste Star has got her husband to quit seeing the busty Christina but the big girl doesn’t like it and she has come to destroy the wifey, oh not just destroy but humiliate her to the ultimate extreme. Christina strips and then strips the scared Celeste, now she compares bodies showing how superior she is, bigger breasts that can bash and squeeze the hell out of the thin beauty. A butt that she lords over the brunette, and legs that she can use to compress Celeste’s thin waist. A beating with constant comparisons meant to humiliate the terrified Celeste who begs to have it over but Christina is having too much fun – she hits, wedgies and smothers the thin one all the while telling her how superior she is. How the hell could Celeste’s husband want her over the powerful Christina… she will beat her into submission and degradation for the disgrace of losing this man. This one is bad… all the way BAD !!!!!!


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