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BIKINI MATCH 1 – Lia Labowe is one great wrestler, as she demonstrates with a killer side head lock on Skylar Rene, she twists and turns this super choke as the muscular one writes in pain but Skylar is one strong wrestler as she demonstrates with some savage punches to Lia’s firm ivory gut, over and over she smashes as the brown haired warrior’s arms go limp over the ropes – thus begins a wild struggle with two great fighters. Second round finds a classic lock up as each grappler uses her guile and strength to find an opening, so great watching two super wrestler ply their trade – finally Lia gets another deadly side choke and this time she makes Skylar pay even using her hair to choke her. Weakened but not done Skylar escapes and applies an excruciating bear hug that puts her in charge and she is now determined to dish out a flood of destruction to this great wrestler that has caused her so much pain — two great fighters giving their all, we love it !!!!!!

BIKINI MATCH 2 – Prinzzess is telling Nicole Oring about how bad she beat her in their last outing, she brags as Nicole fumes, finally they decide to fight again and we are off to an amazing battle. Soon a head lock, body scissors, head scissors and a few other slick moves show how adept Nicole has become at wrestling and Prinzzes is reeling from the beating so she says they should box and boxing is just what the Asian beauty wants, she wants nothing more that to send blows to this haughty blonde. Oh and so many blows, it starts out fairly even as each battler feels the other out but soon Nicole gets the blonde cornered and pummels her taught belly with bombs, then come the head blows and Prinzzess is reeling from the battering, she goes down and Nicole poses over her with a long taunting pose. Much more boxing and much more destruction, the brunette plans on making this blonde pay a big price for all her haughty talk and this is one big pain filled price – blows to every part of her body. The best of both worlds, wrestling and boxing !!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Star 9 is walking around the DT offices topless. She is looking for Celeste Star. Celeste is stretching in the dressing room. Star 9 finds Celeste and approaches her with a proposition: that they team up to take down the newest and most popular girl in Double Trouble, Jolene Hexx. Celeste smiles in agreement and then removes her own bra to match her new partner. The girls then grope and massage each other and discuss how they want to enjoy one another’s company after crushing Jolene Hexx. Jolene, the tattooed red head, is already in the ring when Celeste and Star confront her. Ms. Hexx is thrilled to fight with her new aggressors. Celeste takes on Jolene first. They enter the ring in satin robes and then remove them to fight in nothing, but their panties. Celeste puts up a fight in the beginning. However, Jolene has her way with Celeste for most of the match. She slaps, pins, and cranks the wiry Celeste. Jolene takes her time to toy and tease Celeste. She plays with her passed out opponent’s limp body and bare breasts. This is only part one of the match. In part two we will get to see if Star 9 can exact revenge on Jolene for defeating Celeste.


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