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Match 1 – Today we have a body fitness contest between Skylar Rene and Charlie Mancini. Both of these brunettes have amazing bodies. They are wearing thigh high stockings and tiny thongs that come up over their shoulders. Charlie starts off by talking a lot of shit about how she beat Rene at their last meeting. This drives Skylar crazy and sends her charging across the ring at Charlie. Skylar sinks in a vicious wedgy that leaves Charlie reeling. Charlie attacks Skylar’s perky natural tits. Twisting and pulling on her pink nipples, Charlie smiles with glee. Skylar and Charlie’s plump booties are the real stars of this video and they are on full display from beginning to end. If you are a fan of perfect butts, you will love this tantalizing catfight between two of the best butts in DT.

Match 2 – Oh my!! You will not believe this one, Tara Morgan in her skin tight camouflage outfit is hung from chins as Erika Jordan in her sexy Nazi outfit questions her, by her side is her strong girl, Skylar Rene. Not getting what they want from their captive they take her to the ring for a good beating, but not before Erika does some deep kissing with her sexy muscle girl. In the ring we get a better look at Skylar’s skin tight one piece uniform, so hot – she begins her destruction of the smaller Tara who fights back bravely but the big Nazi bitch is just too strong and is also aided by a cheer leading Erika. Once beaten the two Nazis are so sexually turned on they strip, Erika nude except for her stockings and boots and Skylar with a sensuous chain outfit and just for effect they pull the unconscious Tara’s breasts out of her uniform — now they are really hot and going for their pleasure. So engrossed in their sex they don’t see Tara waking, but of course she couldn’t stand a chance against these two — or could she? This match has everything, fighting, sex, amazing outfits and of course what DT always offers the hottest girls in the world !!!!!!

Match 3 – DT is just outdoing itself this week, two super warriors face off to see who is the strongest; Anna Foxx and Nicole Oring. They both look stunning in their braids and naked, that’s right they start out sans clothes and as they face off you can feel the warrior spirit in both, Anna in her sparkling purple lipstick and Nicole with her sexy blue lips, but it’s those strong bodies that are really put to the test in this match as they work all their wresting holds to the most pain filled limit. They start off with a sustained test of strength, we see their muscles ripple as they strain and eventually go to the mat for a sustained leg splitter, then leg bar and finally a seated Boston Crab – we have a winner of the first fall. Not to be out done the loser of that fall goes hard for the next with another killer test of strength, arm stretcher and pull over match book for a submission. Each lady has won a round as we continue for more amazing holds; over the back they get stretched and to the ceiling with the famed ceiling hold and oh so many more. These are two of our toughest ladies, both are deceivingly strong, for their size they are the strongest of all – yes pound of pound they are the best and they are out to prove it. Soooo many great holds for two of the strongest toughest naked warriors ever !!!!!!


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