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TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Jessica Ryan isn’t afraid of any girl at DT, she says bring them on, she is a tough girl, this beautiful blonde is cocky and ready to go till a wild Skylar Rene runs out to the ring after having hearing her cocky claims – the muscles have the ivory skinned beauty taking a step back, hell she even wants to cancel the match and this angers the brawny one to the max. A hard slug to the gut shuts Jessica up and gets the fight stated, a fight that Jessica will regret for the rest of her life, yes it is that bad – she gets destroyed. In every possible way she gets annihilated; body slammed, choked, bear hugged, slugged, dragged, stomped on, kneed, bashed and busted in every way, and all as the sexy blonde begs to give up but to no avail as Skylar starts everything all over agin. Then to add to add ultimate insult to ultimate injury she forces blondie to worship her muscles and show her breasts to the world. Jessica is as beautiful in defeat as Skylar is in victory !!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Everyone has been clamoring for this one and here it is; Abigail Mac and Romi Rain in a breast match of a supreme mammary challenge. Both of these beauties are proud of their chests and why not, they are orbs of beauty but using them in a battle will be the challenge. A little trash talking gets them warmed up for their first battle, their hands go behind their backs and they try to smash and bash their way into each others chest with the goal of pushing her across the ring, best two out of three and we have a winner. Now comes the real fight as they wrestle for positions that allow breast destruction. In the corner they trap each other and after a few slugs they get free access to the tits, twist those inviting nipples then dig their whole hands into that soft chest flesh. On the canvas they rub their breasts over the amazing bodies, up the ass then roll her over and squish your breasts into hers, then rub them had across hers till her nipples are erect. My favorite is when Romi lays Abby over the middle rope then climbs on her back and jumps up and down causing Abby’s breasts to slam into the ropes and thanks to multiple cameras we get views both inside and out of this great hold. This one has been worth the wait – one of the beast breast matches ever !!!!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – How lucky we all are to have Karlie Montana back at Double Trouble. Ana Foxxx is her opponent today. Ana is brand spankin’ new and looking to make a name for herself in the world of female fighting. Today they are facing each other in a submission match. Karlie is more than a little annoyed that she is facing a newbie for her return to DT. However, while she is questioning the credentials of her young contender, Ana blind sides her with a hay maker. The two topless warriors embark on a knuckle shredding cat fight that is easily worth the price of admission. Karlie is surprised by Ana’s abilities, but she uses her experience to teach Ana some more complicated submissions like the Mexican ceiling hold. So if you’re in the mood to watch some very fit young women punch each other and sink in some exciting submissions, this is certainly the video for you.


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