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NUDE CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – It’s a two parter that will shake you to the core, shake, shake, shake with the sexiest body rattling possible. The evil one, Stacy Burke is waiting for the super one, Mega Girl (Nicole Oring) and she is damn tired of getting destroyed by this super babe so she has come up with a super weapon assured to shudder the hell out of her foe, it’s a super charged magic vibrator that fits on her finger but it has to get positioned into Mega’s crotch. Both episodes are full of explosive fighting with savage hits to both gut and head and when our heroine takes control the evil slips in her secret weapon and Nicole’s whole body does a sexy orgasmic shake. This savage fight continues through the house till finally the evil one gets Mega Girl to the bedroom where over and over she sends those orgasmic convulsions through Nicole’s amazing body. But Mega will not quite the fight even though she is losing strength with each crotch touch, poor Mega, the weapon is sitting longer and longer on her vulnerable clit. Both episodes as so full of incredible fighting — fighting that not only shakes the girls to the core but will shake you to the core of pleasure !!!!!!

NUDE CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Wild naked women and I do mean wild; Prinzzess and Misty Stone, two of the wildest and both roll hard. This one has everything, great wrestling with every possible hold; scissors, chokes, arm bars, camel clutches and great arm and leg work but if you have a great hold a good hard crotch grab can be the equalizer – that’s right great cat fight tactics also like hair pulling and pussy grabs. But mostly non stop wild rolling as both of these ladies have tons of energy and are always wildly competitive. And if all this wasn’t enough each fall ends with a total hog tie, that’s right the loser gets tied and left to suffer. The next fall is just as full of energy as their amazing naked bodies squirm and writhe with holds pulled tight, no wimpy wrestling here, no these ladies are for real and you will love their effort. Beautiful bodies going all the way and over thirty six minutes of this, WOW – WILD NAKED WOMEN !!!!!

NUDE CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – There are two gorgeous blondes in the DT wrestling ring today. Christie Stevens and Adriana Sephora are posing in thigh high fish net stockings, garter belts, thongs, and nothing else. Adriana gives Christie an attitude and that is all that it takes to send Christie into a violent rage. She slugs Adriana in the gut and crumbles her to the floor. Christie takes advantage of the situation and uses Adriana’s tiny thong to apply some wedgies. Ms. Sephora sticks her perfect butt in the air as she moans in agony. Christie stands her foe up. Throws her into the corner, and gives frontal wedgies until she loses interest. Eventually, Christie removes Adriana’s underwear and attacks her crotch with her bare hand. Adriana builds up the strength to turn the tables. Adriana attacks with some wedgies and crotch mauling of her own. She strips Christie completely nude and sits on her face. Adriana spreads Christie’s legs apart and uses her toes to give Christie’s crotch one last mauling. Adriana slinks out of the ring as Christie is left shaking, moaning, and defeated.


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