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NUDE MATCH 1 – Andriana Sephora and Makayla Cox are relaxing and having some girl talk. They are both gushing about their new boyfriends. After some strange similarities surface, the girls find out that they are dating the same guy. The rage and humiliation overcomes them and they grab at each other. In frustration, they rip away each other’s clothes. Eventually, they are wearing nothing but thongs and thigh high panty hose. Adriana, the blonde, wears white lacy thigh high stockings and a neon pink thong. Makayla, the tall brunette, wears black fish net stockings and a bright red thong. Adriana takes immediate control of the fight. She attacks Makayla’s large breasts and perky nipples. This crumbles Makayla to the floor. Adriana then removes Makayla’s tiny red thong and uses it to wedgy the tall dark female. Makayla refuses to loose her man so easily. She catches Adriana in the corner and returns the favor with a long wedgy. Both women will end this match completely naked and taking turns making one another cry for mercy. If you are a fan of completely nude beauties mauling each other’s crotch and breasts, then you will love this video.

TOPLESS MATCH 2 – Erika Jordan is in Skylar Rene’s ring and Erika is not leaving – Skylar just laughs at her, how can this littler girl stand up against the big strong Skylar. A challenge is issued, the tops come off and we are off to one hell of a fight with three main areas. First they end up on the canvas trying to rip the pony tails off of each other’s heads, they pull so hard they roll each other over. It tuns into one wild cat balling session as they slam their breasts together, intertwine their sexy legs and roll baby roll – all the time pulling the pony out of those tails. The cat balling eventually turns into tit mauling as each lady gets a hand full of breast flesh and squeezes till pain is overwhelming, if that wasn’t enough they go for the sensitive nipples and when the breasts can take no more they move to the crotches. That’s right now they’re after those tender centers as they dig deep into the vulnerable areas inflicting pain that has both ladies writhing and screaming. Finally a long mutual grab and one beauty can take no more !!!!!

TOPLESS MATCH 3 – Christina Carter is talking some shit about the tough Star 9 when Star enters and challenges the buxom one to back up her talk but before she has a chance to talk her way out of it the slender blonde has her backed into a corner with her hand around her neck – we have a fight, starting with savage hair pulling then each gets in some hard blows but Star is more effective and she takes control and boy is she making Christina pay for every bad thing she said – she beats the big beauty with devastating body and neck scissors, and when she applies them she really makes sure they sink in deep for full crushing effect, then long face sits and breast smothers, followed by a bow and arrow that depletes the now destroyed Christina but she still has to face wedgies, foot smothers and so much more – till she is forced to kiss and worship the victor’s body, total destruction followed by total humiliation !!!!!


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