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TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Makayla Cox and Jaclyn Taylor have perfect bodies. They have big perky tits, tight asses, flat tummies, and long legs. Jaclyn is a red head with creamy white skin. Makayla is a brunette with a sweet caramel complexion. In this video they do everything they can to show off their flawless assets. They begin the match wearing thigh high stockings, high heels, and thong underwear that come all the way up over their shoulders. The ladies begin fighting and are quick to remove what little clothing they have. Wearing nothing but thigh high stockings, Makayla is easily knocked down to her hands and knees. We get a perfect view of her round ass. After being spanked and pinched, Makayla is fed up and turns the tables. She uses Jaclyn’s tiny thong to apply frontal wedgies and Indian burns to Jaclyn’s large breasts. The winner of this fight has a fun time with the spoils of battle. She ties up her vanquished foe using her own thong as rope. Then she molests and prods her wiggling and moaning victim. These are two beauties that are sure to please any Double Trouble fan.

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Oh you are going to love this one, two of our hottest; Erika Jordan and Christie Stevens start out in the skinniest of string bikini bottoms and no tops – they couldn’t look any hotter and they fight as good as they look. We start off with an Indian leg fight where we get a good look at both of their curvaceous legs as they lock up and strain for victory. Then to this fabulous multi fall match, first Erika rules the action with some devastating body slams, this girl doesn’t fool around the lifts are fast and high so the drop is most destructive, also a great face sit that allows her to punish Christie’s wonderful plump breasts with savage claws then hard slugs to the gut. Eventually Christie gets her turn in a subsequent fall and she she shows she can produce just as savage a body slam, also throws her into the ropes for some some gut shattering slugs, then a great airplane spin and of course she returns the favor on the breast mashing as she digs her fingers deep into Erika fleshy orbs. They each win their falls with sexy cross body pins making the final falls very dramatic, these two are so wild and sexy – you just can’t get enough !!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Hold on again because here comes another of those wild catfights you love so much and you know and relish both of these babes; Alix Lynx and Vanessa Veracruz, we all know how hot these two are and together they multiply that heat making on hell of a fire storm – ultimate blonde vs ultimate brunette. In their flashy high heels, tight skirts and shirts they go nose to nose with some trash talking that soon turns into wild hair pulling that causes them to take off their shirts and after some fighting in their sexy black lace bras they decide to take even those off so they can better attack their gorgeous breasts – and attack they do, digging those red nails deep as they fall to the couch and lock their nylon clad legs like two spiders in a death spiral – they roll and rock searching for that dominate position that allows them to smash tits better or pull hair harder. Finally to the floor where we really get the sexy wild as they cat ball across the rug, breasts smashed together as their shapely legs squeeze intertwined making those skirts ride all the way up their thighs and asses. From behind and on top they go after their vulnerable amazing breasts and nipples – another of those popular wild catfights and you know with these two super sexy sirens it will be one of the best !!!!!!


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