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TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Erika Jordan has an extremely tight body, with big tits and a round ass. She stares into the camera and smiles seductively. Wearing nothing but a small red thong, she turns around and goes up on her tippy toes to show off her ass. Christie Stevens has her blonde hair up in pigtails. She is also topless. She turns away from the camera and lifts one foot up onto the middle rope to give a better view of her plump buttocks. The ladies prance around each other before meeting in the center of the ring and lying down next to one another. The girls challenge each other to multiple bouts of Indian wrestling. Putting their long, toned legs in the air, and then wrapping them around each other, they flex all of the muscles in their body to send their opponent tumbling backwards. After a few minutes of this, both girls are frustrated. They get to their feet and begin wrestling. Erika and Christie may look sweet, but they fight mean. Christie knees Erika’s big tits over and over again. Erika picks Christie up, hoists her onto her shoulder and then sends her flying to the mat. You will be thrilled with this well fought catfight between two beautiful and busty young women.

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Oh those high school reunions, so much pressure to prove yourself, wear your best clothes and be somebody. This is where Prinzzess and Karlie Montana find them selves as they both go to a separate room to get away from the crowd for a bit, but these two have a past; Prinzzess has become big model and Karlie has not done so well but Karlie used to bully her so a lot of tension exists and after some bitter words we have a killer cat fight. Prinzzess wants to get back to the party but Karlie has other ideas and soon they both are slapping each other hard in the face. Eventually their party dresses are ripped off and they’re topples in their sexy lingerie and stocking. Karlie is still tough and out to get revenge on this snotty model in this dominant destructive match that has her battering this prissy model all across the room with bow and arrows, nipple pulls, scissors, chokes and all the time making fun of her – oh Prinzess tries to fight back but to no avail. Both beautiful bodies strain in this hot cat fight, and of course some real degradation for the loser — high school reunions never hurt so much !!!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Who gets to be captain of the fighting team, that’s what Darcie Dolce wants to know as she leaps on Mia Li who is lounging on the couch — Darcie says all the girls want her to be captain instead of Mia. Darcie presses her breasts into Mia and says how much nicer her’s are, of course Mia doesn’t agree and decides they need to have a boob off to decide who will be captain. Both beauties strip nude and slam their breasts together seeing who can take the most pressure and pain, these are some beautiful breasts, natural and so soft, they smash together causing them to squish sideways as they both pull hard in a super tight bear hug, then let go only to slam them together again for more boob squishing over and over they go through this sexy breast battle, from one end of the room to the other we view these amazing breasts with views from top to bottom. If this wasn’t enough they both climb into one bikini to force them to stay glued together while they breast battle – now it really becomes intense as each tit gets pressed over and over – such beautiful bodies and breasts you just want to squeeze them as you watch them get squeezed and pressed in so may sexy ways. This is an ultimate boob off that shows off


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