NUDE PRO-STYLE CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Euro Emily is gaining a following and it’s no wonder, have you seen this natural beauty yet, she is a youngster with a lean natural body and so sexy as she moves through her wrestling holds, she has only been in a few videos but we can see loves working with naked women and today we are privileged to see her first introduction to wrestling as she learns the holds with her friend Mia. Mia is also another gorgeous young Euro beauty, very trim and natural with her ivory skin and long ponytail this brunette almost shines. Both their smiles are captivating and they smile broadly until the pain is finally applied and then comes the groans and grimaces as our youngsters writhe about. Abdominal stretch is first and each applies with trepidation but once going they get lost in the pain and control, next they move to body scissors as their lean firm legs wrap around thin waists, next the arm bars where we really enjoy their naked bodies stretching out to inflict pain, then to the camel clutch and finally the figure four leg locks, when Emily stretches back in this one and wriggles her body from torment she is amazing. Each of these young beauties takes turns on each hold and they look spectacular, so if you like young lean, natural beauties then these ladies are the perfect ones for you — ENJOY !!!!!

NUDE CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Romi Rain is wearing a tiny over the shoulder sling bikini, thigh high stockings, and high heels. She is bragging to the cameraman about how good she looks in it. Olivia Austin enters the ring with fire behind her eyes. She is pissed at Romi for stealing her outfit. Olivia is wearing almost the exact same thing. Ms. Austin uses Romi’s tiny underwear to apply traditional and frontal wedgies. The wedgies in this video are long and brutal. The women get creative. They jerk and yank on each other’s panties in many new and erotic positions. Their undulating rhythms leave the victim screaming and moaning at the same time. Olivia’s round and golden ass cheeks seem to swallow her bright pink thong. When Romi lifts up Olivia’s leg, it looks as though the fabric is going to rip her fragile flower completely in half. Olivia takes Romi’s thong and ties one end of it to the ropes and then stands just out of reach. Romi swings wildly and runs in place like a cartoon character. These wrestlers have so much extreme fun with their wedgies that eventually the underwear is ripped completely off and they finish the fight in nothing but thigh high stockings. You are going to love watching these butt naked beauties go at it.

BIKINI DOMINATION MATCH 3 – Feet, butts and control plus four of the best to preform these acts of domination; Ariel X is paired with Misty Stone against Karlie Montana and Serena Blair, get ready because here they come. Of course Misty and Ariel cheat and get the upper hand beating each of the other team one at a time, not just beating but undressing, it takes both of them to pull the tight pants off of both their robust butts then of course once they see these great asses they have to pound them. Our other team comes back and Serena has Ariel over the middle rope and pulls her pants off giving us a great look at that sweet ass. Back and forth till X and Misty get control and are so going to make their slaves pay by forcing them to preform – first they make them kiss each other then comes some heavy foot worship with full on licking and sucking of every part of those beautiful feet, then over the knees for some sensual spanking, shake those amazing asses with each hard wack, then rub and caress because lets face it Serena and Karlie have unbelievable asses, so round and full – wonderful. Finally, ride them around just to show them whose the boss — but the real boss is you – especially if you love feet, butts and control !!!!!


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