Ariel X vs. Sarah Jessie

Time/Size: 23 min / 575 MB

What is this, Ariel X is topless and in a harness strung from the ceiling, she strains her glorious muscles to escape when Sarah Jessie enters and flexes in front of Ariel which really pisses her off, how dare this slim beauty flex her little muscles and then she goes on to pop her pecs, now that is going too far. This is driving Ariel crazy but she must admit Sarah does have a nice chest pop and a really nice chest, tits with the best hard nipples ever, so nice are they that Ariel offers to worship them if only she is released. Sarah does like the thought of having her great breasts sucked so eventually she releases X —— BIG MISTAKE. Get ready to get stretched Sarah Jessie because Ariel is mad, not just stretched in every direction but hoisted up on her shoulders and carried around the ring. Oh and did I forget to say Sarah battered X’s gut when she was helpless and now it’s her turn to have her taught belly busted with pounding fists. Add in a great porch swing and a Mexican ceiling hold along with tons of other fabulous moves and we have one hell of a dominance match, Ariel glistens with sweat at the end and she earned every drop !!!!!

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