Mindi vs. Raven Hart

Time/Size: 24 min / 589 MB

Big girls, don’t we love em; Raven Heart and Mindi Mink, two super curvaceous fems that love to throw their beautiful weight around and that weight works great when they use it to pull those suits up their robust asses with atomic wedgies, then to the front so they can split pussies with those thin threads. I especially love it when Mindi rolls Raven on her face laces her bikini in her feet and lifts her up so she can grab her pussy, thing of beauty or when Raven spreads her ample brown butt on Mindi’s face, hard she plants it so she can maul her breasts then her crotch – or even better when on their knees they have a test of strength which turns into a mutual pussy grab, which one can endure the agony longest — you’ll want to find out because these big babes love to roll. Eventually the suits come off but the black stocking stay on as our curvaceous cuties go hard after each other, boy do these MILFs love to fight, and neither fleshy fem plans on losing – but one does and she is so humiliated but demands a rematch — gotta love the big girls !!!!!!

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