Alyssa vs. Minnie

Time/Size: 32 min / 783 MB

SHE’S BACK — ALYSSA REESE, we have all loved her and missed her so much but she is back and I must say she looks better than ever, trim muscular and as beautiful as ever. This is a European match because this is where Alyssa spends most of her time and we were so lucky to get her paired with the fabulous Minnie who looks stronger than ever and is one of the great Euro champions so we know we are in for a glorious match. Of course being a Euro match the girls strip all their clothes off, because when in Europe, go nude – immediately we are impressed with these amazing bodies, both ladies have the most incredible natural figures, so lean and strong and ready to show off their power because this is a submission match, yes each lady gets to put on a hold and make their foe submit, strong legs surround small waists and flex as each lady straps on a body scissors, then bow and arrow, leg splitters, ab stretches, figure four leg lock and an over the shoulder back breaker. These ladies are two of the very best and they can both dish out the pain and both are as tough as they come so they can really take it, but can you take it — they are so tough it takes over 30 minutes to get a winner.

The amazing ALYSSA REESE is back and we are all so excited to have her back, also she is ready to do more matches in Europe so get those customs ready because there are a plethora of gorgeous girls she would love to battle and remember she would also love to do an X match – she so loves to mix her fighting with sex, so let’s put this super fem to work — she’s ready, are you ?!?!?!?

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