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Christina vs. Erika

Time/Size: 23 min / 567 MB

The ultimate world champion of DT will be decided in this historic video. Erika Jordan is the world lightweight champion for DT and Christina Carter in the world heavy weight champion for DT. By the end of this match we will know who the greatest pound for pound fighter truly is. The announcer introduces the fighters as they drop their silk robes. Erika and Christina are both topless, wearing nothing more than small black panties. Christina uses her superior size and curves to take the first round. She drops her gigantic breasts on Erika’s small face until Erika passes out from lack of oxygen. Erika barely makes it back to her corner to be sprayed with water by her corner man. The bell rings and both women meet in the center. This time Erika uses her speed to overcome Christina. Erika finishes round two with a camel clutch. The rounds go back and forth like this for most of the video. Neither girl is willing to give in. They are drenched in sweat and covered in red welts from the numerous punches and kicks. Watching the winner stand with her arms in the air as the loser worships her body with kisses is a magnificent way to end an epic match.

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