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Minnie vs. Shona

Time/Size: 29 min / 685 MB

Minnie Manga is one tough beauty with her trim body and perfect natural breasts. She is the perfect one to show a newbie the ropes. Shona River is her name and she is another trim natural beauty. These are Euro ladies so they are not only natural with sexy accents, but nude – yes all the Euro girls fight nude, it’s like a custom over there and we love it. The contest today is a submission dual where each lady puts on a hold and sees if she can cause enough pain to force her opponent to submit. Shona is a little too cocky for Minnie as she says the first hold doesn’t bother her, then Minnie secures her gorgeous legs a lot tighter around that thin waist and snaps them tight to the squeals of the newbie – the contest is on! But when Shona gets her turn, we soon find out this sexy tart loves a good battle and pinches the air out of the veteran. Bow and arrow, Boston crab, ab stretch, leg splits and figure four leg lock all put on with bad intentions by two sexy nude Euro babes. More and more ladies are entering our Euro ranks because the demand has been so great for these amazing natural beauties, so get ready for a lot more because these ladies popularity just keeps on growing !!!!!

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