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Goldie vs. Kym

Time/Size: 32 min / 793 MB

Kymberly Jane is in the doctor’s office. She sits on the examining table dangling her legs as she waits for the doctor. The doctor enters the room. It is Goldie Blair. Kymberly giggles nervously. “Are you my doctor?” she asks. Goldie says, “Yes, now pull your top down so I can hear your heartbeat.” Kymberly does as she is told. Her top comes down and reveals a white bra and large pair of tits. The camera gets a close up of the very cold stethoscope as it touches Kymberly’s plump breasts. Kymberly is jolted by the cold metal. Goldie decides to use her ear instead of the stethoscope. Goldie slowly removes Kymberly’s bra. She slowly raises her head and begins to kiss Kymberly. Goldie continues to play with her patient for a few more minutes. The camera fades to black. When we return, the girls have switched roles. Kymberly is now the doctor and she is examining Goldie Blair. The scenes plays out in a similar fashion. The thirds scene in this video features Kymberly and Goldie wrestling. They wear different outfits throughout the match and spend most of their time stepping on each other’s bare breasts to pin them to the mat. This fun role playing video ends with a kickass catfight!

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