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Ivy vs. Misty

Time/Size: 31 min / 757 MB

Beautiful asses and beautiful faces, what happens when we put these together – I mean literally, well in pro wrestling they call them stink faces and in cat fighting we call them faces sits, whatever you wish to call it – it’s amazing and Ivy Sherwood and Misty Stone have two of the greatest asses, and without a doubt gorgeous faces. So this is a face sit or stink face match, which ever, it’s some of the greatest of it’s kind and each lady is out to smother her foe with her robust butt cheeks, so sit your butt down and watch the pros sit their butts down. But before you can face sit you have to gain control and these are two feisty babes so we get a lot of great wrestling between sits, also great corner action with super gut pounding but it all works up to killer face sits, now I’m talking world class full on sits, many where they use the the corner to prop a face then drop that ass, or use the ropes to hold down or suspend the face and allow the ass cheeks to wrap around that pretty face. Sooo many amazing face sits surrounded by great holds, like camel clutches and scissors and so many more — well this match has it all but mainly this one gets right in you face, with the ultimate of face sits – you’ll be gasping for air just watching !!!!!!!

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