Jewell vs. Christina

Time/Size: 23 min / 567 MB

Topless boxing babes ready to battle for their sponsor, Christina Carter and Jewell Marceau are in their respective corners telling us how they will beat hell out of each other. The battling is as furious as possible with heels on, but once one gets the other in a corner she beats her good with heavy blows to gut, breasts and even a few below the belt – these blows are body shaking, sending those voluminous tits a quakein’. Finally one beauty wins the round and the loser has to worship her body with kisses from feet to breasts. The next round gets even more intense as the ladies take off their heels allowing them some boxing moves but still the blows are deadly and both endure a pounding only broken up by necessary clinches as they hold tight till they can get the fuzzies out of their heads. Another winner and more kissing worship. Next these beauties lay their fulsome figures on the mat for a fabulous armwrestling contest which is followed by two rounds of super catfighting where the choking and the ass spanking are complemented by great holds like camel clutches and school girl pins but mostly this is wild cat fighting where breasts and crotches are painful targets. Everything in one match by two of the best veterans in the business — WOW !!!!!!

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