Keri Spectrum vs. Erika Jordan


DT-1407-01 / Time: 18 Minutes / Size: 431 MB

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Keri Spectrum is getting ready in the DT wardrobe room when Erika Jordan walks in. Erika laughs in Keri’s face about how Keri has lost her last few matches. Keri turns cold. She threatens Erika and then heads to the ring for her interview. During the interview, Erika interrupts and demands a fight. Keri and Erika agree to a match using street fighting rules. These two girls want to spill each other’s blood. The women take a minute to stretch. Erika wears a red bra and red bicycle shorts with beige panty hose. Keri is wearing a pink bra with pink bicycle shorts and black stockings. This fight isn’t about technique. It is about brute force and Keri and Erika’s mutual hatred for each other. They trade slugs to the stomach until they both drop to the ground. They choke one another as they barrel roll across the ring. Keri uses a head scissors to incapacitate Erika. However, as Erika poses and gloats about being “the queen of the east cost,” Erika wakes up and exacts revenge. She bends Keri over the ropes as she lands kidney punches. Erika’s surfboard pin leaves Keri moaning for help. Keri recovers enough to remove Erika’s top, but if you want to know if she has what it takes to defeat Erika, then you will have to watch the whole video.


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