Adriana Sephora vs. Ariel X


DT 1411-02 / Time: 23 Minutes / Size: 522 MB

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Adriana Sephora is new to DT and wants to fight for a belt, now she is known as miss legs and has a tough reputation but is she ready to take on one of our best? Ariel X thinks no, and she is determined to show her who’s boss, she struts in the ring wearing her belt in her super sexy short shorts, but the blonde in her black lingerie is ready to rumble. We have a fight and miss X soon takes control with savage strikes to both face and gut but the beautiful blonde comes back with some strikes of her own and Ariel realizes she is in for a fight, it’s a back and forth battle with each babe taking her falls, some with chokes others with face-sits and corner battering. Multiple times this bold blonde crawls back to her corner after a beating, her beautiful ass sways as she struggles to continue. Ariel also becomes bloody from this battle as both beauties struggle in their sexy outfits, sometimes clothes can be so sexy and these two wear them well. Great leg chokes, face-sits and slugging until one finally has maximum destruction with a severe pounding on the mat causing one lady to kiss the others robust ass then end up with her panties in her mouth on the canvas — OUCH !!!!!!


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