Tylene Buck vs. Ariel X


DT 1421-01 / Time: 21 Minutes / Size: 505 MB

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Ariel X has a grudge against Tylene Buck. Today she plans on taking her anger out on the blonde bombshell. Tylene is caught off guard. Ariel enters the ring already talking shit. She walks right up to Tylene and delivers an uppercut to Tylene’s sensitive crotch area. Tylene doubles over and screams. Ariel begins to maul Tylene’s crotch. Tylene crumbles to the mat. Ariel is strangely obsessed with abusing Tylene’s groin. She slaps, scratches, punches, and pinches Tylene’s fragile crotch. Ariel uses her impressive strength and wrestling skill to wrap Tylene up like a pretzel so that she can torture Tylene in any way she likes. Ariel rubs her dirty hands all over Tylene’s face and mouth. She ties Tylene’s hands behind her back and positions her against the turnbuckle. Ariel removes Tylene’s top so that both of their breasts are bared. Ariel doesn’t even flinch when Tylene begs for mercy, in fact, it seems to rile her up. Ariel finds every strange and freaky way to attack Tylene’s once flawless genitals. If you are in the mood for over twenty minutes of ruthless crotch mauling and torture by two of the best wrestlers on the DT roster, then you have to see this match.