Cherie Deville vs. Helena Locke & Ariel X


DT 1424-03 / Time: 34 Minutes / Size: 794 MB

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Get ready, that fabulous series is back: Chain Gang, this is one beautiful gang that is controlled by Chain himself. Hell this is a great video in the first five minutes because we have a naked Cherie Deville hanging from the ceiling, wet and outstretched she is a work of art to behold, Helena Locke sneaks in and sees her friend and starts to release her when she finds everything turns upside down and soon she is besieged by Ariel X and Cherie. Then we hear from Chain himself as he has all girls naked and tells Helena if she can defeat both Ariel and Cherie she can free Cherry Bomb but if she fails she will be placed in the chains and become one of his slaves. Wow, are we in for a treat as Helena fights for her life, first against Cherie who she controls but not after some classic wrestling, unfortunately for her that brings in a naked Ariel who is fresh and ready to destroy but hell why play fair – soon both Ariel and Cherie are destroying Helena with some of the best two on one holds we have ever seen, like that match book with girls on both ends of Helena, or the double girl grapevine – you got to see it. Of course Helena loses and we are treated to her being spread eagled and chained to the four ring posts in the center of the ring, where she is worked over by Chain’s girls after being oiled to make her body shine. And this is not the end, no, there will still be one hanging from the ceiling… if you have never seen the Chain Gang in action – you are in for a spectacular treat !!!!!!