Tia Kai vs. Ariel X


DT 1422-02 / Time: 21 Minutes / Size: 483 MB

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The sweet petit Tai Kai is sweeping up the ring as Ariel X is warming up, and X even strips naked for freer movement and as x is shadow boxing Tia asks Ariel to teach her how to fight which gives the muscled one a good laugh but she decides it could be fun so Ariel gets out of the ring and does a bunch of pushups then tells the Asian beauty to do some and she can barely do any, next it’s some arm wrestling and again it’s a joke, finally Ariel takes her in the ring to stretch her out but she does this with a savage series of stretching holds like, camel clutch, bow and arrow, over her shoulder and so many more pain filled holds till our petit Asian beauty is destroyed and flat on the mat. Next she has the beaten babe oil her muscular body as she flexes those amazing muscles. But after all this demolition Tia still wants to learn how to box so Ariel decides to give her one last lesson — it is one hell of a painful lesson and also one hell of a big surprise !!!!!!