Jewell Marceau vs. Kianna Dior


DT 1424-02 / Time: 30 Minutes / Size: 725 MB


This video opens with Jewell Marceau and Kianna Dior already fighting each other in the complete nude. The women argue about whom the boy of their dreams truly likes. Neither Jewell nor Kianna is willing to let go of the hope of being with this man. They grab each other by the waist and pull one another close. This leads to a sensual bear hug where the girls grind their crotches against each other in a mix of both pleasure and pain. The grinding slowly escalates until the fighters begin to slam their bare crotches together. Harder and harder, they slam their pelvises against one another until they both are thrown across the room and pass out. Jewell and Kianna slump to the ground. When they finally wake up, they decide to put some rules on their fighting. The first person to show any pain will automatically lose. The ladies grab each other by the crotch and begin to maul. They do their best to fight back the urge to scream in agony. This fight ends with another one of the girl’s sensual crotch centered bear hugging. This semi-humping leads the wrestlers into a bedroom and onto a comfy bed. Exhausted, Kianna and Jewell collapse onto the bed. They sit across from each other and decide to mutually maul one another’s breasts until one of them submits. If you are interested in watching two big breasted fighters squeezing each other’s tits until they actually begin to milk one another, then you have to watch this video.