Tia Kai vs. Skylar Rene

HD DOWNLOADABLE Lingerie Belt Match (one topless)

DT 1428-02 / Time: 23 Minutes / Size: 529 MB

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This is one great match, a little bit of everything gives us a lot of match. Tia Kia in her striking black lingerie is telling how much she dislikes Skylar Rene and that even though she is the light weight belt holder she wants to fight that big bitch – Skylar comes in and accepts the challenge and soon we find ourselves in the ring where both babes are garbed in sexy lingerie, stockings and garter belt. When I say this match has everything, I mean fabulous slugs especially to the face, savage kicks to face, ribs and crotch and great holds: scissors, face-sits, arm bars and many more. But it’s the story that captivates you; our Asian light beauty is so determined to beat this big beautiful bully but she takes quite a beating till she gets her chance – in the end both ladies take a lot of destruction but both prove to be very durable… the battering to one is too much, with blood on her face and shredded hose on her legs – she is forced to kiss some ass as humiliation comes with this defeat — you are going to love Tia and Skylar together — ENJOY !!!!!!