Mia Li vs. Ember Snow

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Domination Match

DT 1430-03 / Time: 26 Minutes / Size: 615 MB

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We all know and love Mia Li but do you know the gorgeous Ember Snow, well if you don’t here is your chance because these two hot Asians are together for one spectacular match. They are in bed together topless when Mia picks up Ember’s phone and finds her boyfriend has been sexting with Ember, Mia is furious and attacks the sleepy brunette who swears she is mistaken. A wild fight ensures where the larger Mia takes control with suffocating body scissors, the petit brown beauty squirms to gain breath as from there Mia moves to a head scissors — poor Ember doesn’t have a chance… but wait Ember sneaks her way in and now has a head scissors on Mia. Now in control Ember admits to having sex with Mia’s boyfriend, even shoving a dick pic in Mia’s face and telling her how great it was. Big strong Mia bursts her way free and boy is she going to make Ember pay for this, she drags her into the living room where she squishes with her whole body, then uses her beautiful round and ample butt to bounce on the destroyed the Asian. Over and over she chokes and squishes the sweet petit Ember till she is left motionless on the couch — two gorgeous Asians in one dynamic dominant debacle !!!!!!