Kerri Spectrum vs. Karlie Montana

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Wrestling Match

DT 1431-02 / Time: 22 Minutes / Size: 512 MB


We love us a good grudge match, and we have one here: Keri Spectrum and Karlie Montana, two mainstays of women’s combat and they don’t like each other. They meet in the office to settle it but Keri wants to settle it in the ring like real wrestlers should. Soon we are at the ring with the girls topless and so ready to battle as their trash talk signifies. Some savage slugs to the gut has Karlie in control, these are slugs that ring with the thunder of smacked skin, then holds like bow and arrow, kneeling head scissor, a killer head shot gives Karlie even more dominance. Keri is too tough to hold down, she comes back with a vengeance; chokes, scissors, corner slugs and soooo much more. Yes each babe takes her turn at dominance, you will love the way they take control with great holds and gut bombs, these slugs get so savage by the end you can almost feel the wind leave you. It’s back and forth so who ever is in control in the end wins and only watching can tell — but this is one grudge match you will so enjoy seeing settled — and it is settled !!!!!!