Ariella Ferrera vs. Christina Carter

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight with Bondage Match

DT 1433-01 / Time: 22 Minutes / Size: 512 MB


Hubby just loves watching his wife defeat and dominate beautiful women, and why not when he has such a hot wife like Christina Carter – she has a camera all set up for hubby to watch and she has invited Ariella Ferrera to battle with her for her husband’s entertainment. Now when Ariella is told it is a fight and the winner gets to tie up the loser and humiliate her with spanking and such, well she is insulted that Christina is so sure she will win – actually Ariella is just as sure she can beat and hog tie the buxom Christina. They start the fight with a test of strength and to Christina’s amazement Ariella does take control and she has the first tie up and gives Christina’s robust ass a good spanking. Oh is our bound babe angry and for their next fall she uses her rage to gain control and this time Ariella is the bound one and Christina can attack her body. There are more rounds but only one gets that final bondage win so if you like busty beauties wrestling with tie ups and loads of fun then this is the one !!!!!!