Liz Ashley vs. Kymberly Jane

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT 1434-01 / Time: 27 Minutes / Size: 643 MB


Liz Ashely and Kymberly Jane are wearing nothing but thong underwear. They are getting ready to face off in a boob fight. Liz tells Kymberly that she is sure she will win. Kymberly laughs and tells Liz that her breasts are obviously larger. She asserts that her triple D breasts will mean certain victory. Liz can’t believe how large Kymberly’s breasts supposedly are. She gets out her trusty measuring tape and quickly finds out that Kymberly may have been rounding up on the size of her bust. These pissed off ladies are done talking. They slam their large breasts together and start pushing each other across the ring. Liz pushes Kymberly into the turnbuckle and then down to the floor. Kymberly wins round two as Liz begs to be let up from underneath the immense weight of Kymberly’s breasts. The boob fighting goes back and forth with no clear winner until Liz suggests they just wrestle. Kymberly takes an early lead. She uses her superior strength to pick up Liz and supplex her multiple times. Liz weathers the storm and soon unleashes her own barrage of attacks. Which girl can score the most 10 count pins? You will have to watch this video to find out. In addition, there is an added treat of watching the winner torture and humiliate the loser.