4 Wrestlers

HD DOWNLOADABLE Tag Slugging Contest

DT 1438-01 / Time: 26 Minutes / Size: 625 MB


WOW – four fabulous topless beauties slugging it out in one amazing video! That’s right a tag with Milana Ricci and Serene Siren on one side and Erika Jordan and Karlie Montana on the other side. What a contrast as Erika and Karlie are all business and eager to fight while Milana and Serene seem to be more interested in sexing up each other. This is one great slugging contest as two girls go to the center where one girl has three free shots to her opponent then they change places so all the girls hit and get hit. These are had blows mostly to the face but some hard surprise gut blows become very effective. Serene hits Erika first but doesn’t have much of an effect then she gets hit by Karlie and reels a bit from the blows, next Karli gets hit by Milana and is a bit surprised by her power. And so it goes as we get great views from all angles of these blows – we get to see their ass cheeks flex with each throw and their breasts jiggle with each smack. So much fun watching them go back to their corners after each round as one team consoles with caressing and sex and the other with anger and determination. It becomes a very competitive contest lasting through a substantial amount of body shaking blows until some of these babes can take no more. Four incredible topless beauties slugging it out in one amazing video !!!!!!