Christina Carter vs. Prinzzess

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT 1438-02 / Time: 45 Minutes / Size: 1 G


Prinzzess is the hottest young wrestler in the Florida fight scene. This week she is visiting DT in Los Angeles. She begins her interview with quite the haughty attitude. Christina Carter does not take kindly to shit talking little upstarts like Ms. Prinzzess. She immediately interrupts the interview, explaining how she is going to “crush the confidence out of” Prinzzess. Luckily, Christina is already topless. She grabs at her large bosoms and squeezes as she looks down on her smaller and less busty opponent. Prinzzess feels self-conscious under the glare of such a powerful and successful DT legend. She stands up, summons all her courage, and pulls her petite tits out. Prinzzess then challenges Christina to a tit fight. This fight obviously isn’t fair. Christina slams Prinzzess against the wall and smashes her breasts into Prinzzess’ dainty chest. Christina proceeds to crush Prinzzess in almost every way imaginable. Prinzzess gets a real lesson in pressure in this video. Christina uses head scissors, body scissors, school girl pins, and a plethora of squishing attacks that I’m fairly certain have no name. Prinzzess begs for release and submits about 2 thirds of the way through. The rest of the video is comprised of Prinzzess worshiping Christina’s much stronger body and Christina randomly deciding to torture Prinzzess more than she already has been.