Ariella Ferrera & Christina Carter


DT-1440-03  / Time: 19 Minutes / Size: 447 MB


Christina Carter is topless. She is staring into the camera pleading for you to believe that her breasts are bigger and better than Ariella Ferrera’s. On the other side of the ring, a topless Ariella is chomping at the bit to prove Christina wrong. She jumps up and down and shakes her shoulders side to side to get her large breasts to shake and jiggle for the camera. Christina tells Ariella to get into the center of the ring and put her hands behind her back. They start slamming their bare breasts together, trying to push each other to the opposite corner of the ring. Both women endure truckloads of punishment to their chests. However, Christina is slowly pushed back into her turnbuckle. Ariella takes advantage and uses her heavy breasts to smash down hard on her yelping opponent. Christina crumbles into the corner on the verge of tears. The next round begins and Christina immediately starts punching Ariella’s tits. This surprises Ariella as she quickly retreats. Christina drops Ariella to the mat. She violently punches and mauls Ariella’s trembling boobs. The match is now tied. They will start with a test of strength, but the emphasis will be breast smothering. The loser will gurgle and gasp for breath only to take in a giant mouthful of titty. This is definitely not the worst way to lose a fight!