Ariel X and Erika Jordan


DT 1439-01 / Time: 26 Minutes / Size: 633 MB


Two gorgeous ladies wrestling in oil, their curves shine as the lubricant lathers over them — it’s as though a spotlight was constantly on them exploding their spectacular bodies and this is amplified because of who they are: Ariel X and Erika Jordan and Erika has payback on her mind so when Ariel turns her back Erika secures a choke and knowing how tough X is she keeps it on till the muscular one is subdued. Erika now starts revenge on her foe as she takes off her top and chokes her with it, then applies a great grapevine and just when it all looks bleak for Miss X she breaks away and both babes fall into the oil pit where Ariel now takes over and destruction reigns. Here comes the oil, the shine is on and so are the holds: scissors, chokes, stretches and my favorite when X drapes Erika over the side of the pool and after a beautiful stretch she plants her succulent ass on Erika’s beautiful face – camel clutch, bear hug and soooo much more – inside the pool and back in the ring from one end of the ring to the other and she is keeping the best for last… you guessed it, hang her from the ceiling and use the whip and her fists on this shimmering body, Erika never looked so good and that last shot by itself is worth it all… Erika hanging spread eagled – you will freeze this shot in your memory and be so happy you did !!!!!!