Serene Siren & Ariel X

HD DOWNLOADABLE Lingerie Match (one wrestler topless)

DT-1440-02  / Time: 25 Minutes / Size: 576 MB


Our new popular blonde Serene Siren is in the ring wearing a tight dress and sexy lingerie, and we decided to see how tough she really is by inviting non other than the great Ariel X to fight her, this will be the ultimate test for this our blonde. Both beauties face off and tell each other how tough they are but soon some cheating has X in total control as she strips Blondie down to that sexy lingerie and applies savage holds mixed with deadly blows but this doesn’t end up all one sided, no — Serene finds her chance, with some face breaking blows she takes over and we end up with one hell of a fight. The question is which of these beauties does the most damage, because only one of these babes is walking out of this ring, the other on will be kissing some beautiful butt then left on the canvas. The holds, blows and kicks are just what we would expect from these two sexy warriors, you will feel them right through the screen, so buckle up because these two put on one hell of a show, even to the point of blood !!!!!!