Erika Jorda & Cali Logan


DT-1441-01  / Time: 24 Minutes / Size: 581 MB


Erika Jordan and Cali Logan are both topless and standing in their respective corners. They are stretching and getting ready for their match. In a traditional wrestling stance, they circle each other. They clash and each girl grabs a collar tie. Erika takes Cali’s back, first putting her in a full nelson and then in a body scissors. After an airplane spin and numerous supplexes, Cali is down for the count. Erika puts a long ten-count pin on Cali and round one is in the books. An ecstatic Erika struts to her corner as a wounded Cali can barely make it to her feet. However, Cali is not about to let Erika walk all over her. Cali comes out with a ton of energy in round two. She breast mauls and airplane spins Erika, but will that be enough to regain control for good? This multi fall match features two of the prettiest brunettes in the DT stable and they are topless from the get go. So if you are in the mood to see two of the world’s best female fighters throw each other all over the ring and maul one another’s perky tits, then you must see this video!