Prinzzess and Tia Kai

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Dominance Match

DT-1443-02  / Time: 20 Minutes / Size: 480

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Tia Kia, a striking Asian has had one hell of a night, so many drugs she can’t seem to wake up and this pisses the hell out of Prinzzess who works for the rich guy that got her all fucked up last night. So here is the dilemma, Prinzzess wants her out of the house so she can get the house organized but this naked beauty is out cold and everything Prinz does to wake her doesn’t work, so our blonde decides to have some fun with this one. Prinzzess works over Tia’s amazing breasts with bites, sucking and gouging then her legs get bent in all directions – still no response. Prinzzess decides to go all the way with her new toy as she also strips naked and does some super sexing on her lifeless toy, kissing and humping still have no effect, so try some pained holds like arm bar and scissors, time to spank that beautiful ass. Time to get the gorgeous rag doll out of the bed and up against the wall for some devastating gut slugs, each fist sinks deep into that beautiful belly, a few slaps and it’s time to dance, wrap that Asian beauty around your naked body and enjoy dancing. The two striking naked figures dance on after Prinzzess has had her way with the gorgeous Asian, had her way in every way !!!!!!