Christie Stevens and Idelsy Love


DT-1445-01  / Time: 20 Minutes / Size: 493


Christie Stevens and Idelsy Love are looking very sexy in their lingerie. They pose for the camera in between glaring at each other. Apparently, the women are competing for a coveted spot in a reality TV show. Their competitive arguing quickly leads to a full on fight. They agree that the loser of the fight will be the first one to have her panties removed. Christie and Idelsy go back and forth with a number of wedgies and grabbing and squeezing each other’s butts. Christie removes Idelsy’s bra and uses it to wedgy Idelsy until she almost falls out of the ring. Idelsy steals Christie’s idea and rips off Christie’s bra to use as a tool for wedgying. Both women have plump and perky breasts. The use of wedgies, spanking, and lingerie really shows off how beautiful each girl’s body is. Idelsy mounts Christie. She uses both hands to give Christie some brutal titty twisters. Christie cries out for help as Idelsy gives her a frontal wedgie that almost shows everything. Christie is blonde with a lighter complexion. Idelsy has caramel skin and an exotic look. You are going to love watching these very different, but very beautiful fighters go at it. Christie removes Idelsy’s underwear first, but Idelsy removes Christie’s right afterwards. So who is the winner? Who cares! We get to watch them fight without bras or panties.