London Rivers vs. Olivia Austin

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Breast and Butt Battle

DT-1450-02  / Time: 23 Minutes / Size: 593

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Bare bountiful blonde babes battling with breasts and butts, London Rivers and Olivia Austin are two curvaceous ladies that are about to put on one hell of a show. They meet in a room wearing their sexy black stockings, garter belts and bras – no panties, as they size each other up they both think they have the better body, soon the bras come off so they can really show off their chests, they stroke and jiggle their prized tits as they praise and deride. Next it’s to the butts they turn as they rub and smack these bountiful behinds, then to the floor, protruding their derrière’s for a twerking contest but only a butt battle will decide whose is superior – on all fours butt to butt they slam their ass cheeks together, it’s a glorious thing watching these mounds of flesh pounding each other sending ripples of flesh waves through their rears. Next contest is pounding pussies together but soon they decide all the clothes are getting in their way and it’s time for the real contests, yes time to see whose tits are the best so once naked the ultimate breast battle begins, gouging with full hand fulls, pinching tender nipples, smashing against the wall – standing, on the couch, on their knees until a mutual breast smother has one of them out… but it’s not over, not by a long stretch because their are butts and breasts a plenty in this battle of beautiful blondes babes !!!!!!