Karlie Montana vs. Kristie Etzold

HD DOWNLOADABLE Ring Dominance Match

DT-1454-02  / Time: 23 Minutes / Size: 545


Oh does Karlie Montana look good in her red one piece suit and she knows it and shows it, she struts in front of Kristie Etzold showing off her fabulous ass, but watch out — oooh that hurt. A low blow has Kristie in control but Karlie uses her best weapon, her glorious ass – she puts it on Kristie’s face but Kristie has a surprise again and now Karlie is out. When Karlie comes to she is sorry she did as the mean one picks her up and slams her over her knee and this is just the beginning of an incredible beat down where a groggy Karlie just keeps getting destroyed. My favorite is when killer Kristie slugs Karlie from one side of the ring to the other, yes each blow takes poor Karlie a few more steps till she has crossed into oblivion. Even when Kristie crawls to the ropes they are used to choke her and to add insult to injury Kristie pins her when she is out. Of course Kristie picks Karlie up and shows off that beautiful ass that now belongs to her. Karlie makes the most beautiful rag doll as she stumbles about in her stupor of destruction and Kristie never had so much fun, she pinches that pretty face then gives her a body shaking bear hug. Kristie is in heaven, Karlie is in hell !!!!!!