Abigail Mac vs. Jaclyn Taylor


DT-1454-03  / Time: 19 Minutes / Size 483

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Abigail Mac is topless. She is wearing a g-string, thigh high stockings, and a garter belt. She is looking amazing. Her tits are perky and her hair is flawless. As she is talking to the cameraman, Jaclyn Taylor enters the ring. Abigail’s jaw drops. She hates Jaclyn. The two women start arguing and eventually agree to a best three out of five match. The match will only end when one of the girls is completely nude. Abigail and Jaclyn reach for each other’s thongs and start yanking. The mutual wedgies only last until Abigail pushes Jaclyn into the turnbuckle and starts mauling her breasts and crotch. Abigail puts Jaclyn into numerous creative positions to wedgy her from both the front and the back. Jaclyn eventually gives into the extreme pain. As Abigail stands over her and gloats, Jaclyn delivers an up-kick to Abigail’s chin. Jaclyn applies a reverse bear hug, all while mauling Abigail’s tits. Jaclyn takes a big handful of her whimpering victim’s bright red thong and makes her crawl around the ring on all fours. After some time, Abigail taps. With the match tied, it’s hard to tell who will win. What I can tell you is that by the end of the video, both fighters will be completely nude and fighting with every ounce of their energy.