Liz Ashley vs. Idelsy Love


DT-1457-02  / Time: 21 Minutes / Size: 501


Idelsy Love is in the middle of her photo shoot. She is complaining to the cameraman about how she was interrupted in her last photo shoot by Liz Ashley. Idelsy had to teach Liz a lesson and beat the crap out of her. As Idelsy laughs about the situation, Liz Ashley interrupts her again. Liz is here to get revenge for their last fight. Idelsy needs no pretense to punish Liz again. They immediately start fighting. Liz pushes Idelsy into the turnbuckle and starts yanking up on her tiny black thong. Idelsy moans as her underwear rubs and chafes her crotch. Liz throws Idelsy to the mat and straddles her. Idelsy tries to get onto her knees. Liz rides her as she bucks. Liz puts a hand down the front of Idelsy’s underwear. She grabs a handful and starts mauling Idelsy’s sensitive crotch. Liz berates and tortures Idelsy until she yells out her submission. The women regroup in their corners before meeting in the center for a mutual wedgy contest. Idelsy puts Liz into a back breaker as she mauls Liz’s pale private parts. Idelsy sits on Liz’s face until Liz submits. Watching a caramel skinned brunette take on a milky blonde is a scrumptious treat. Liz and Idelsy have perfect bodies and in this video they get nude and nasty with each other. Enjoy!