Alyssa vs. Nesty

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight with Pro Holds

DT-1466-03/ Time: 26 Minutes / 614 MB

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A match that offers a bit of everything, including the amazing Alyssa Reese! A while back we had a match with Alyssa in Europe, and so many of you remembered how great she was. The clamor was so great to have more of her, that we were overjoyed to get another from our Euro producers. This time the sleek blonde Nesty calls Alyssa and talks shit infuriating our brunette beauty.  Nesty is invited to come over and fight, but before she gets there we are treated to Alyssa stretching and showing off that stunning ass.  Nesty arrives and after some trash talk we are off and it’s not long before the strong Alyssa takes over with so many tortuous holds like body scissors, a straddle choke, bear hug, grapevine, and putting that firm brown butt on that pretty blonde face. Finally she chokes her out, but later this sleek blonde sneaks up and gets Alyssa in a choke, looks like the end of… oh no here comes the brunette bruiser and this time she will make Nesty suffer in every possible way; each hold is extreme.  Soon both are topless and destruction isn’t enough. She disgraces her, forcing the blonde beauty to kiss her every where. Then our brunette enjoys more destruction and more humiliation adding in some deep kissing just for the fun of it —— YES A BIT OF EVERYTHING !!!!!!