Christina Carter vs. Kianna Dior

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Breast and Scent Match

DT-1475-02/ Time: 26 Minutes / 596 MB


Behold the best beautiful breasts battle of the bulge, wait this isn’t just about breasts no this is a wife fighting for her husband: Christina Carter is the wife and she is taking on his girlfriend; Kianna Dior.  Also hubby is there watching and we soon find out one of his main lusts is scent, he so loves the smell of these two women, they will match their smells as they match their breasts.  A long stare down as they press tits then smell their armpits and compare the odors. Hands clasped together as over the head they go bringing their nipples smashing together, over and over they pull together always ending in breast bashing.  Nipples fence and rub as they talk constantly about sex and scents then move into tight bear hugs where breasts become even more compressed.  Now they rub their breasts up and down as they move closer and closer till they just can’t help it and kiss and kiss some more.  More smells, more breasts, not wild wrestling here just a slow simmering breast and scent battle… more, more, more !!!!!!