Saya Song vs. Ember Snow

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Dominance Match

DT-1476-01/ Time: 25 Minutes / 608 MB

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Two super cute petit Asian beauties in one fun domination extravaganza:  Saya Song and Ember Snow lounging topless as they decide who gets to use the car for the evening and both think they deserve it.  Little by little the argument escalates till the sleek Saya jumps Ember and puts her in a series of choke holds, once she is playable beautiful Saya has her way with the wee beauty making her suck her nipples till they stand at attention, then suck her perfect feet as over her face she prances them.  Finally sexy Saya leaves and Ember ruminates in her humiliation, she calls a friend and tells her all the details of her abuse and while doing so she comes up with a plan to get back at her gorgeous friend.  It involves a bizarre suffocating garment that allows Ember to get her revenge, now it’s her turn to have her breasts, feet and butt sucked.  WOW, you just gotta love two absolutely enchanting Asian beauties having such dominate fun with each other through chokes, smothers, forced sucking and… domination extravaganza !!!!!!