Tia Kai vs. Lana Violet


DT-1483-02/ Time: 20 Minutes / 530 MB

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This video is a sequel to an earlier oil wrestling match between Tia Kai and Lana Violet. In the last video Lana completely overpowered Tia. She squished poor Tia for the entire match. In this video, these two adorable Asians will get to run it back and see if last time was a fluke or not. While Lana is being interviewed by the camera man, Tia sneaks up behind her, puts her in a full nelson and pulls her backwards into the oil pit. The two women are already topless. Their perky Asian tits are slick and shiny with oil. Tia puts her hooks in and controls Lana’s back. She sinks in a pretty dangerous rear naked choke. Both women flail and writhe in the oil. Lana turns over onto her stomach. Tia sits on her and bounces her body up and down. With each bounce Tia forces the air out of Lana. Lana’s shapely ass jiggles beautifully with each impact. Tia takes Lana to the edge of the oil pool and puts her in a standing head scissors. Lana is reeling. She barely has a chance to catch her breath, let alone fight back. Tia is loving every minute of her revenge. She talks more and more shit as her methodical destruction of Lana plays out. Tia rubs her victory into Lana’s face by rubbing her feet all over Lana’s beautiful face. Lana fights in vain to pull Tia’s toes away from her cheeks and mouth. Tia puts Lana to sleep with a breast smother. She raises her hand in victory and laughs at the pain and embarrassment she inflicted on Lana. Buckle up because this is one hell of a sexy oil match between two gorgeous Asians.