Erika Jordan vs. Lana Violet

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Boxing Match

DT-1538HD/ Time: 20 Minutes / 472 MB


Boxing babes, we so love em: Erika Jordan and Lana Violet are topless and ready to rumble.  Such beautiful athletic bodies and these figures are accentuated as they oil themselves up while talking trash in their corners. Erika in her hot dark lipstick shows off her muscles and Lana’s tan body shimmers as her skin absorbs the lubricant.  Now we know from previous fights that Erika is a great fighter, Lana has not had many fights but believes her natural athleticism will prevail – WRONG!  Right from the opening Erika bashes her with lefts and rights to the head, slowly but enough get through, but Lana is so game, she always works up her energy and races back in.  Finally a the bell and both ladies get drinks and sponged off in the corners, so sexy watching that water run over their hot bodies.  Luckily, we used two cameras to get all the action because the beating that follows is amazing! How on earth does Lana take it, so many times she goes down but always back up for more savage blows. Erika is exhausted from all her hitting and Lana’s face exhibits the destruction. From one corner to the next, Lana holds on but to no avail, she crawls and staggers and that last blow is just….  It’s one-sided, but still a fabulous topless boxing bout with two gorgeous babes — enjoy !!!!!!